MongoDB Database

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What is MongoDB Database?

MogoDB is an opensource document oriented database. Again it is leading noSQL database. MongoDB provides the cross platform support. It is distributed under Apache open source license. For storing the data it uses the json like schema with dynamic schemas.

Major advantage of the MongoDB is the ability to handle very large amount of data which most SQL based Databases fails to realize. MongoDB provides the Sharding which is the process of storing the data across different servers to support the very large size of the data. Even with large amount of data it still provides the acceptable read and write throughput.

Why go for MongoDB?

  • tick Mongodb is the perfect database for creating modern MVC style apps or RESTful APIs.
  • tick As data is stored in document form it allows developers the ability to retrieve full responses and pipe them out as JSON without requiring additional queries, joins or data manipulation.
  • tick The ability to store data in a schemaless structure ensures developers greater flexibility in how the data is managed.
  • tick The MongoDB database can hold collections of documents with each document having its own size, content, and number of fields.
  • tick MongoDB is especially useful with cloud computing
  • tick The web applications being built for this particular MongoDB guide is an RSS aggregator like Google Reader. The web applications will have two key components: A REST API and a Feed grabber.

Why MongoDB?

Store large volumes of data that often have little to no structure. Make the most of cloud computing and storage. With MongoDB, it’s easy to spread data out across commodity hardware on-site or in the cloud without needing additional software.

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